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Long Stay Suite

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Our luxury Long Stay Suite is super-sized (no pics yet as still under construction) and is suitable for extended stays and large cat families. Each suite has floor to ceiling accommodation as well as a choice of multiple bed and day lounging locations and access to an elevated private outdoor run overlooking a garden courtyard, visiting wild birds and chicken pens.

Join our luxury Long Stay Suites together to create an even larger space with a super large area for lounging, private outdoor runs, litter areas and meals.

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Long Stay Suite

When a dog is called it comes. When a cat is called it takes a message and gets back to you later.

‘The Mews’ will be the only Cattery of its kind in the ACT with brand new facilities extended from the main residential house. We take our service seriously, and we know you want peace of mind when you trust us with your pet. Some things you don’t leave to chance.

At ‘The Mews’ we have a range of custom designed suites for your cat to stay safe and comfortable while you are out of town. Whether you require short or long stay options, suites with a window view or outside access to a private sunny balcony we are confident that you will not find better feline lodgings than ‘The Mews’.

Our Luxury Suites include

  • A luxurious and roomy 2-tier carpeted suite with separate sleeping, dining and ensuite facilities.
  • Hill’s Science Diet meals tailored to your cats needs.
  • All bedding: each cat receives their own comfy blankets and cat bed during their stay.
  • A complementary ‘Mews’ cardboard house for those who need some private time-out to adjust to their new home away from home